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An internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product, delivered over fiber or wi-fi, which is dedicated fully duplex and provides uncontended, symmetrical speed Internet. With Internet becoming critical in today's business environment, the need for quality Internet connectivity is on the rise. With price difference between Broadband & Internet leased line was almost 4 times till an year ago Internet Leased Line was used by only corporate's. & large organisations With the higher bandwidth availability with service providers in India & the rise in demand for Internet Leased Line among consumers saw drastic price cuts over the year bridging the gap between Internet Leased Line & Broadband making every business considering Internet Leased Line for their Internet connectivity.

Leading the pack of Service providers providing Internet Leased Line is AIRTEL with over 50% market share due to its quick response, reachability & competitive pricing.

  • * Unparalleled Service Level Guarantee
  • * Easy scalability
  • * Premium Service dedicated to an individual customer
  • * 24 x 7 Dedicated Internet access
  • * 24 x 7 Networks Monitoring Service and Technical Helpdesk

Schematic Diagram For Airtel Leased Line Connectivity


Advantages of Airtel Leased Line Connectivity

  * Class A ISP having PAN India presence offers direct connectivity across Indian geographie

* Internet Services offered through 120 PoPs in India

  * Dual Internet Gateway

* Speed offering available under dedicated mode - n*64 Kbps, n*E1, n*DS3, n*STM1

* Bharti Airtel has maximum International Internet Bandwidth at 45+Gbps

* Traffic routed through both trans-pacific and trans-Atlantic route resulting in higher uptime and lower latency.

  * Multiple Cable routes via i2i, SMW4/SMW3

* Peering Partners - SingTel, AT&T, Sprint, DTAG/ T-System, Level3, NTT, C&W, Telecom Italia and BT

* International IP Exchanges - SNG IX, NYK IX and LON IX

* Domestic Peering - Yahoo, Google, Rediff, VSNL and NIXI

* Round-the-clock helpdesk

* State of the art Network management tools centrally managing the complete backbone

* Single service provider for end to end telecom infrastructure requirements

* Peering with International and National Service / Content Providers for Robust, Reliable and Cost effective connectivity

* Only Indian service provider which has capacity from India to US end to end connectivity ( i2i + AAG )

Network Architecture of Airtel Leased Line Connectivity

Bharti Airtel Limited has a completely managed IP network that builds a converged platform to run all enterprise solutions. The entire backbone is built on trusted names like Cisco and Juniper to provide data capacity in terabytes and high routing/switching speed. Multi tier network architecture is designed to avoid single point of failure and offer highest network availability. Scalability in no time is the highlighting point of Airtel's network.

All the Internet core routers in the ISP backbone are connected in a Star topology and are using OSPF routing protocol. To communicate with external world, the EBGP-4 protocol is used at the international gateway egress routers.

Airtel's Leased Line backbone is divided into three tiers 

Tier 1: These are set of Core ISP PoPs of Airtel and are in 5 different locations viz Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. These POPs are directly connected to Airtel's dual Internet Gateways in Chennai on N x STM1/ N x STM4 circuits. Redundancy is provided in the backbone for higher uptimes and low resolution time.

Tier 2: These are set of PoPs directly interfaced with the core PoPs. Tier 2 Airtel IP POPs are directly connected to Airtel's dual Internet Gateways in Chennai on N x DS3/ N x STM1 circuits.

Tier 3: These PoPs are directly interfaced to International gateway through the MPLS backbone. However, only default routes will be available through these PoPs

International Connectivity of Airtel Leased Line Connectivity 

Airtel has done a strategic peering with global upstream providers with back-to-back Service Level Agreements signed with them to offer world class Internet experience to its customers. Under this arrangement, both routes (Trans Atlantic and Trans Pacific) are addressed with best route policy. Underline advantage of these peering is abundant available capacity in these circuits to take traffic in a near congestion free mode. 

Multiple Upstream Providers

* SingTel
* Teleglobe
* AT&T
* Sprint
* DTAG/ T-System (Duetsche Telecom)
* Level3
* NTT Japan
* Cable & Wireless
* Telecom Italia
* British Telecom
* Seabone

Multiple cable systems connecting to the Providers

* Trans Pacific: I2I + C2C/APCN2 + CUCN/JUCN/TGN
* Trans Pacific: SMW4/SMW3 + TAT4 




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